Fiascos & Failures

No one has ever walked the path of their own existence without muddying their shoes.
Metaphors aside, we can say that nobody has ever managed to avoid misfortunes or failures. This is a natural human condition worth accepting sooner rather than later, so we can learn to get the most out of any circumstance. I am sure many of you are wondering how one can calmly accept their own failures. True, I cannot provide you with a recipe for the serene acceptance of failure, but I can easily tell you how I have tried to re-evaluate the failures I have experienced.
Firstly, I strongly believe that failure is not an isolated event; instead, I maintain there is always a series of connected factors that, when combined with each other, lead to failure. Fate does play a fundamental role, but there are many circumstances that we could have controlled, had we only realised it. A good example of this is the choice of those who will accompany us on a specific project: several times I put my trust in co-workers who acted in bad faith or turned out to be less competent than I had anticipated. There are also judgment errors when assessing a circumstance that can degenerate into a failure, or excessive emotional investment: in some cases, acting by following the heart and not the head will lead, both directly and indirectly, to a failure or a success.
Quite obviously, these choices can only be judged in hindsight: which is why choosing one option over another is increasingly more difficult, and failure cannot be predicted but simply accepted with patience.