The determination to move forwards, the importance of preserving one’s tenacity even when the finish line seems too far away, and the belief that hard work always pays off were the main lessons my parents passed on to me and my brothers, and which I in turn wish to share with my own two children.
When something looks difficult or trying, I think back to my father who, on a train from Castellaneta with just a suitcase tied with string, moved from Taranto to Milan in search of fortune. He managed to achieve his dreams with a lot of willpower, a dash of good luck, and the support of my mother. She, too, moved to Milan from the Modenese town of Finale Emilia, and always rolled up her sleeves so her children enjoyed all she could offer.
Studying and establishing myself was my ‘duty’ as a son, a way to thank my parents for all the efforts they made when, during the ‘60s boom, Italy was going through a full re-invention. Maybe this is why I chose a profession whose main goal is balancing figures and planning the future, all while managing to keep the unforeseen under control.To me, family is like a financial balance sheet where, to be in the positive, you must compensate losses, take risks, and know where to stop and avoid what could endanger the entire group. Everybody is called to contribute to the result, and I am certainly not one to back down.There are no manuals to follow or formulas to apply: family, especially an enlarged one, is an unknown field where one proceeds by ‘trials’ and learns from past experiences. My parents’ wisdom, the camaraderie I had with my brothers, the love I felt for my life companions, the desire to guide future generations and share life experiences are the added value I look for everyday.