I have often wondered what my life would be like without hobbies. It would probably be more boring and, certainly, I would not have those outlets for relief that allow me to erase the stress of everyday life and regain strength when I need it.
I know well that this is not the most common definition of hobbies: the term usually indicates any activity that is practised for recreation, to have fun, in one’s free time. I have always agreed with this explanation up to a point: I believe hobbies serve to further a person’s interests, and can be great opportunities to widen one’s horizons. Among my hobbies, therefore, are all the activities that have accompanied me throughout life and allowed me to get to know the world around me better, giving me an opportunity to interact with others and know myself in increasing depth.
I still agree that hobbies have the (uneasy) job of offering serenity and relief in an increasingly complex, ever-moving world: having time to spend on a passion allows people to distance themselves, at least for a little while, from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the small joys of life that would otherwise go unnoticed.
And what about others? Why should I talk to anybody about my hobbies? I think the answer is easy: nothing defines us better than what we do. Talking about our passions allows us to make ourselves known and bring new friends into our world. I think there is nothing nobler than showing what we love doing, unmasked and uncensored, without fear of judgment, so that our spontaneity can be appreciated in each moment of sharing.