My work is my passion
People often think of accountants as cold, calculating people, committed to dealing only with numbers and never with people. But this vision is far from the truth, at least in my case.
For the most part, my week is organised around my professional life: a world where ‘black’ or ‘white’ are not the only options, but an infinite variety of shades and nuances exists through which I am able to satisfy my clients’ needs.
The field of professional advice, I believe, is not limited to financial statement analysis or tax return preparation; it actually consists mostly of strategic planning, tailored to the needs of those who respectfully put their trust in my expertise.
Ettore Colella - Lavoro“Never make a ruling before you have investigated the issue and have a clear overall picture, never formulate an opinion or hypothesis that is not driven by scientific data or statistics.”
The statement above is the main guiding principle behind my decisions, whenever I set foot in my office or meet with a client.
This is also probably why I just cannot see myself simply as a fiscal consultant whom businesspeople and companies can have an impersonal relationship with. I’d rather be a friend whom someone consults for an impartial opinion. To be successful at business, one needs to be certain of what one is doing, and the risks one is taking – and, to do so, one needs an objective point of view. This is what I always guarantee to whoever turns to me for advice before plunging headlong into a business decision, when considering a potential expansion, when requiring assistance during a difficult litigation and, more generally, when evaluating what we can usually call business risk.