I have always thought that success in one’s life – whether at work, in private, or other areas – should not be a source of pride. At least not gratuitously, anyway.
I never fully believed those who, while sharing a glass of wine, spent hours upon hours telling me about what they had achieved in life through the right connections or considerable nerve. Instead, I always maintained that success is more than what one achieves: a beautiful home or luxury car are merely the result of a goal that was reached through sacrifice and willpower.
Nobody will give us anything for free: although fate plays an important role in the successful outcome of a project, without determination, commitment and some bravery one would not even be able to think about crossing a specific finish line. In this regard, I think that my race to success was actually more of a marathon. It took years of preparation and trials (in my case, the time spent between studies and professional experience), which gave me the right momentum to run a race of my own and reach the finish line with the utmost effort, but also immense joy.
Success or, in general, the many successes I have enjoyed in my life would not have tasted the same without the necessary preparation. Dreaming of an objective, getting ready to reach it and reflecting on how it was achieved will always influence the actions that follow. The successes I have collected here represent the small steps that helped and are still helping me build my own ladder towards full and complete personal satisfaction.